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who we are

Welcome to Tomcod Media, a premier social media marketing company empowering businesses in the digital realm. We specialize in innovative strategies, creative campaigns, and expert guidance.


At Tomcod Media, we understand social media’s power in driving brand awareness, engaging target audiences, and achieving marketing results. Our tailored strategies align with your unique brand identity and goals. Every post, tweet, and share becomes a valuable tool for success.


Our seasoned professionals bring experience and knowledge, staying ahead of social media trends, algorithms, and consumer behaviors. We offer exceptional insights, keeping your brand at the forefront.


Whether a startup or established business, we provide comprehensive services. From content creation to community management and targeted advertising, our expertise covers all aspects of social media marketing.


What sets Tomcod Media apart is personalized attention. We understand your objectives, target audience, and industry to develop custom strategies. Our collaborative approach emphasizes communication and transparency, involving you at every step.


Our goal is to drive your success, helping your business grow and establish a captivating digital presence. Partner with us and unlock social media’s true potential for your brand.


Take the first step towards digital transformation.


Contact Tomcod Media today and fuel your social media success.

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who we are

Tomcod Media was founded on the principles of innovation, creativity, and unwavering dedication to our clients. We are more than an advertising agency; we are your partners in growth, your strategists in visibility, and your advocates in brand storytelling; all aimed at driving your sales.


Our specialization in Social Media Management, Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Tiktok Advertising, and the creation of high-quality content is not just about reaching people; it’s about creating lasting connections, driving real growth, and telling stories that echo in the hearts and minds of your audience. Our team of creative professionals, strategic planners, and digital wizards harness the latest frontline marketing strategies to ensure your message not only reaches your target audience, but resonates with your target audience.


Why choose us? Because at Tomcod Media, your vision is our passion. We’re in the business of building lasting connections, driving tangible growth, and narrating stories that linger in the consciousness of your audience. We blend the art of advertising with the precision of digital marketing to create campaigns that are memorable, effective, and uniquely yours. Whether it’s captivating Social Media Content, precision-targeted Google Ads, engaging Facebook campaigns, or trend-setting TikTok videos, we elevate your brand to the next level. We also happen to have 20+ years of making high quality content including writing, directing and producing over 100 episodes of television. 


From the colorful streets of St. John’s to the global digital landscape, we empower your brand to achieve unparalleled heights of success. Whether your business is new or established, whether your needs are Local, Provincial, or Global we are your marketing solutions experts. With Tomcod Media, your brand is managed by a team that’s as invested in your success as you are. Connect with us today to discuss your marketing plan. Call us now @ 709 -727-6020.